Coronavirus (COVID-19)

COVID-19 Information

NSCDO COVID-19, Return to Work Guidelines (Download in PDF Format)

The rules imposed by Nova Scotia Health Authority under the Nova Scotia Health Act Order are changing quickly and must be acknowledged with the utmost vigilance.

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From the NSCDO Board of Directors:

The Nova Scotia College of Dispensing Opticians (NSCDO) is recommending that the opticians limit in-person care to urgent cases only.  Urgent care may include, but is not limited to, providing replacement eyeglasses or contact lenses, where the patient is without.  

Virtual care is encouraged and may include, but not be limited to:

the use of mail/courier
video conferencing
other technology

This recommendation is aimed at reducing community spread and supporting government calls for social distancing.

The NSCDO is committed to keeping our members safe.  To that end, remember to self-care.  Self-care may include, but not be limited to:

Maintaining two metre distance, where possible
When handling frames, before and after a try on, use the 20 second rule and wash them with hot water and soap
Sanitize all equipment
Wear gloves and wash hands before and after handling a patient ’s eyeglasses
If more than one staff member working, maintain two metres with colleagues
Perform only urgent care adjustments; those impacting vision or causing pain
Ask patients to return later for adjustments
Offer to ship products to patients
Use pd from old glasses or pd on file
Use equipment that allows you to maintain the two-metre rule

Please note: Conjunctivitis may be a possible symptom of Covid-19.   Please click here for more information on Conjunctivitis and Covid-19.

In addition, opticians who may be unwell or have recently travelled outside of the province or Canada, should not provide any in-person patient care and are expected to follow government recommendations to self-isolate without delay for a minimum of 14 days.

The NSCDO continues to closely monitor developments relating to COVID-19 across Nova Scotia and nationally and will continue to post updates, as needed.

Due to the pandemic, our offices are currently closed.
We continue to accept correspondence by mail, email and phone.

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